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    If I may, I thoroughly agree with the Preston/Child Pendergast series. Read 'em all and loved 'em all. For real hard hitting crime/noir/atmosphere I don't think you can do better than James Lee Burke's David Robiceaux novels. I'd also like to suggest a fantasy series by Steven Erikson called The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Very dark, lots of world building, and you have to pay attention to everything that's going on. I've been reading The Expanse lately and enjoying those books as well.

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    I'm coming here through the opposite angle. I haven't read an RJ novel yet, but the series was recommended to me after I finished a different series.

    The Series in question was called Atticus Kodiak series by Greg Rucka. The series is about a bodyguard and his crew (his agency) that protect people who seriously need it. The series is 7 books long and listed below in order.

    1. Keeper
    2. Finder
    3. Smoker
    4. Shooting at Midnight
    5. Critical Space
    6. Patriot Acts
    7. Walking Dead

    It lacks any supernatural elements, but it's a really great thriller that has progression of characters, characters that evolve and aren't stagnant, and it's a series that evolves as it goes along (entering slightly different sub-genres of the thriller at times). It's part of the fun of Greg Rucka, he has characters that evolve so it's important to read in order, he has strong female characters, and of course thrilling sequences.

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