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    Welcome to the official F. Paul Wilson message board. This is a place to gather to discuss the work of FPW and to make friends. On this forum we try to abide by the Golden Rule. This means speak kindly to and of your fellow forum participants, the admins/mods, and F. Paul Wilson. Our two main rules are: 1) No ad hominem attacks, either direct or implied, and 2) No discussion of political or government-related topics. If these rules are violated, the offending post will be deleted and/or the user will be suspended for 14 days, 30 days, or permanently, depending on past violations, at the discretion of the attending moderator. If you have any questions about this message board, you can send a Private Message to one of the administrators or moderators: Marc, Lisa, Tony, or rjack_fan.
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    A reminder: posts containing political content, baiting, or racism in any form are not allowed on the board, and will be edited or deleted at discretion of the moderators.

    Since most of you are grown adults with life experience, I will not explain why racist language is classified as both baiting and political.

    Thank you.

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