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    I started this series with on a recommendation and a whim. A buddy suggested that I read The Tomb and I greedily sucked down all 15 RJ books. Then I read through the AC and was just as pleased. I bought Nightworld the day it was available for my Kindle Fire. Perfect end to a memorable series. The one emotion I was left with was sadness. Not because the book made me feel sad, but because I had to say goodbye to all of these wonderful characters that I had fallen in love with. It was like being a kid and having your best friend move away.

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    Default *Spoilers* Mrs. Nash and Jeffy

    Just finished Nightworld, such a great ending to the two series.


    Only one thing really upset me, and that was Jeffy relapsing back into his autism. I really feel for Mrs. Nash literally losing everything. I kept hoping that Jeffy would snap out of it before the end of the book.

    All in all though, it was an amazing book and brought tears to my eyes multiple times.


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    This was such a great book. When I was nearing the end I tried to slow my pace so i could make it last. That didn't work. I couldn't put it down. Thanks Mr. Wilson.

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    A few months ago I was looking for a new audio book to keep me sane in LA traffic when I saw "The Tomb" listed on I remembered that I liked "The Keep," by the same author, when I read it years ago, so I decided to give "The Tomb" a try -- little did I know I was about to embark on what would become one of my all-time favorite book series.

    So now I've just finished "Nightworld" (Audible Edition) and I have to say it was a fantastic conclusion to the series. I loved every moment of it. If I have any complaint about the book it's that it ends too abruptly.

    Like DominusDeus, above, I want to know more about the post-Nightworld world: "What all geological effects were there? How has the climate changed from those effects? How is society rebuilding? Have and biological and scientific discoveries been made from the dead (and possibly captured) creatures? Have any of physics’ laws remained broken? What was the global death toll?"

    All those questions that DD brought up are excellent and I would love to see them answered.

    And I think that, if this is the last Repairman Jack book, then it doesn't do much to resolve Jack's life. Does he continue doing fix-its or does he hang up his guns and became a farmer? Has society changed enough that he no longer feels the need to be an outsider? Is he off the hook as Heir now that Glaeken has his mojo back? Is Rasalom gone for good? Is the Otherness leaving Earth alone now or will there be a new Adversary taking Rasalom's place?

    But I don't need an entire book to answer this stuff, all we really need is another chapter, an "Epilogue -- One Year Later" kind of thing.

    Perhaps another edition? After all, why stop at three?

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    Uh, WOW. Dr. Wilson, I read The Keep way back when it first came out, and the followed with The Tomb. Unlike many of the others here on the board, I had not read the original version of Nightworld, but instead had dived into the RJ series and enjoyed them a great deal. Somewhere in the middle, life intruded, and I had not come back until recently, when I finally completed the set, and read the Secret History from beginning to end. I really don't have the vocabulary to express what this series has meant to me over the years, but wanting to see it through to the end has played a not-insignificant role in my life. And having now finished it, all I can say is a sincere Thank You! What a wonderful finish to a brilliant series. The little girl and the dog had me crying, and having Jack and company survive just warmed my old heart. Thank you again, Dr. Wilson! Ya done good.

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    My pleasure.
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