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    4/2 - I gave some fellows permission to adapt yet another short film from my 1978 "Lipidleggin'." A little about it here including a link to the story. (I thought I was being tongue in cheek; turns out it's coming true.)

    4/3 - I'm very happy to have been a teeny part of George Scott 's efforts for the troops.

    4/3 - Perpetual Kid... I love this site

    4/5 - I'm going to brave LV in July for TAM 2012.

    4/6 - can I just say something? Banjo rolls are damn hard. And my ring finger keeps wanting to get in the act.

    4/7 - digging Sarah Jarosz lately. Listen to her take on Tom Waits's "Come On Up to the House" from her 1st CD. What a mandolin player

    4/9 - "Justified" is over. Great, disarming end to the 3rd season. Now there's a void in my Tuesday nights.

    4/10 - Is it just me, or is this crazy? I feel like I'm living in Bizarro World.

    4/11 - does anyone hate the Nationwide guy more than I? I mean, really, he's... he's... (fill in the blank)

    4/11-15 - at RT Booklovers Convention. Wonderful to reconnect with the friends I’ve made here since I started going. More and more male authors every year. James Rollins making his first appearance. When I first went, Barry Eisler and Yrs Trly were the only ones. This was the biggest RT ever - 2500 attendees.

    4/14 - a stop at Chicago Comicon (C2E2) for a panel and a signing with a (relatively) new author named Patrick Lee.

    4/20 - I just finished Patrick Lee's THE BREACH. I can sum it up best as "Wow." The novel reads like a bullet and kept me off balance the whole way. Not many novels do that nowadays. It's so damn original it makes me jealous. He's got an audacious imagination and a transparent style that does not get in the way of the story. Is it perfect? No. But it kept me so hungry to know what was going to happen next that I flashed right past any potential glitches. This guy can write. I'd never heard of him before. Met him at C2E2 and he gave me a copy. I dipped into it on the plane home couldn't get out. I've just ordered the next two books in the trilogy. Really, if you like thrillers, there IS something new under the sun -- it's THE BREACH.

    4/20 - I think "Fringe" jumped the shark tonight.

    4/21 - Just came across this old newspaper photo. My first store signing - with Isaac Asimov, of all people. He had a line out the door and I got pity sales from people waiting on line for him. But hey, a sale's a sale. Dig those 1970s lapels.

    4/22 - Watch this. It's beautiful and amazing.

    4/22 - COLD CITY pages proofed. Now for a little EtOH.

    4/22 - my triffids are digging today's rain. They were getting a bit parched and droopy but have all sorts of energy this now

    4/23 - listened to "Someday" by Sugar Ray in the car this a.m. Forgot how much I like this song.

    4/25 - no, Blastr, I did not influence Stephen King (but thanks for the thought). This isn't accurate where THE TOUCH is concerned. King was being published before I was, and CARRIE saw print 12 years before THE TOUCH. (But he does accuse it of literary value. I still haven't decided what to make of that.)

    4/26 - I find this very disturbing...

    4/27 - Unhappy with the way your kids load the dishwasher? Make them play Tetris and watch the improvement.

    4/28 - Doing an article on =Unaussprechlichen Kulten=. My copy's a bit bloodstained. Anybody have a clean copy I can borrow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fpw View Post
    4/7 - digging Sarah Jarosz lately. Listen to her take on Tom Waits's "Come On Up to the House" from her 1st CD. What a mandolin player
    I love Sarah; she is by far my favorite discovery of the past few months. I checked out Song Up In Her Head from the library and was instantly capitivated and then went out and got Follow You Down; I can't decide which I like better. She hasn't left my player since. Its hard to believe she is only 20 and I can't really get anyone else excited by her music.

    I love that song but figured you'd be partial to "Shankill Butchers"; in fact it reminded me of your Sinister Songs project of a few years ago, so much so that I have created a playlist of sinister songs(there really isn't that many-at least in my library).

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