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    Default My first store signing...

    ...was in a B. Dalton in Toms River, NJ, in 1977 with Isaac Asimov, Fred Pohl, and Barry Malzberg. Asimov's line was out the door but I got pity sales from those waiting for him. I hope this link works.!/fpaulwilson/status/193794910044946432/photo/1
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    Never met any of those sf stars (haw!), but Asimov's wife Janet Jeppson was a frequent visitor at B&N Lincoln Triangle. (Lived right down the block.) She was amused that I addressed her as "Dr. Asimov." "My husband was 'Dr. Asimov', Michael." And I replied, "Well, you're an MD, so you're Dr. Asimov too!" And she was kind enough to give me an inscribed copy of one of her own novels. That's class!

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