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    Default NIGHTWORLD review in PW

    Revised significantly since its first printing in 1992, this apocalyptic horror thriller makes a dazzling finale to Wilsonís long-running saga of Repairman Jack and his clash with cosmic titans that began with The Tomb (1984). In modern Manhattan, and around the world, daylight hours are shrinking, signaling the malignant Rasalomís successful deflection of the Ally, earthís cosmic protector. When a bottomless sinkhole opens in Central Park and begins spewing forth monstrous carnivorous insects, Jack; his immortal mentor, Glaeken; and their gang of do-gooder confederates scramble to recruit a young boy endowed with miraculous healing powers and to retrieve a pair of talismanic necklaces that are their only weapons for averting the doom Rasalom has planned for the planet. Wilson grafts drive-in B-movie horrors onto a plot with metaphysical substance, and the result is a carnival funhouse ride of a story that still offers food for thought.
    FPWHidden Content
    "It means 'Ask the next question.' Ask the next question, and the one that follows that, and the one that follows that. It's the symbol of everything humanity has ever created." Theodore Sturgeon.

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    Default when please?

    Any idea when this will be out?? I can't wait!!

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    NIGHTWORLD leads us to the end of the RJ saga ... a timely publication this year as the Mayan calendar offered a view (or possibility) of an end to our present (or beginning of a future). FPW's endings, like the close of Black Wind, offer possibilities.
    I would appreciate in another book or series from FPW his view of a post-apocalyptic Nightworld.

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    I like Post Apocalyptic Anything.

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