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    Possibly the most unique (yes, I'm aware of the redundancy) reader letter I've ever received. (Reprinted with permission and edited to remove identifiers)

    I would like to let you know you are part of the reason me and my fiance are together. we met in mexico on a cruise and just hit it off. i hadn't picked up your copy of The Dark At The End before the cruise but had meant to. Mis-communication threw off our first date, however she was very late for the second one so i left thinking i was being blown off.

    meeting on the cruise at random the next day i asked what was up with that and if she was actually interested in me. She said yes instantly and explained she got wrapped up in reading. This i could fully understand. we didn't talk about the book she was reading until after several drinks at the bar when she looks at me and says "I am going to say two words to you, and they can mean everything or nothing at all... Repairman Jack"

    i really couldn't believe it, i was blown away. you are our favorite author, and Jack our favorite character. after that everything fell into place, Book authors, Music, views, pretty much everything in common, when at first we were only really looking at the outside of each other. Its odd that an author could have that much sway on a relationship, but i thank you for having such a way with words in your books. the things that happen in them are truly unexpected. I borrowed Her copy of the book and finished it pretty quickly considering the amount of time i have spent with my fiance.

    sorry to keep you in this message so long, i just wanted to let you know that your words travel farther than you know, and they have a greater impact than you can perceive. While this is odd, id like to invite you to our wedding, if you choose not to come we will not be offended, it is (in December), if you need a flight or a place to stay please just ask, it will be very informal, I will be wearing a tuxedo printed Tshirt, and i believe she wants to wear a wife beater shirt that says "Not pregnant". we are not entirely sure of the location, or if it will even be in the country, but as i said, we would be more than happy to have you there.
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    I've always thought cobalt gave me The Keep and The Tomb as a test.
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    I did.

    It's nice to see another couple enjoying your books. Congrats to them.

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    Shoot ... Thats nothing!! I met my bf on this damn website ...

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    I came across rmj while I was working on removing a water heater from a cubby hole three stories off the ground (utility access closet built into the side of the building). There was this guy from a first level apartment watching me work on getting the confounded thing out and onto the ground, and we got to talking. He asked me to pull his water heater on my next day on site, and I found out he was an English prof. at the U. "Well", I said "since you’re the expert on the written word, you get to turn me onto my next author." I told him how I read all of Koonz, WEB Griffin, jimmy Patterson, etc. and I was ready for a new wordsmith. He put me onto the Tomb, and told me it might start there, but you'll be hooked with one book.

    He was absolutly right. Now I'm biding my time waiting for the updated Nightworld to be released so I can finish the epic run of RPJ. And thank you, FPW for the ride its been. I don't want to leave this train.

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    What a beautiful tale. Would love to hear the updated version with happy endings all around. I sometimes used to believe in accidents, and i found RMJ a few years ago and have almost all of the series. Just now bounced into the board here by way of an oblique reference on wherein FPW was a panelist at a recent conference. Best to all. the good guys, that is.

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