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    Description: When Karen Lindley’s daughter is snatched from her swing set, Karen discovers that her town—Wayward Pines—is not the place she thought it was. In response, the distressed mother, who grew up a Quaker and has never seen a gun, steals weapons from the sheriff’s office and tools from a local hardware store. Frantically racing to rescue her stolen daughter, she is surprised to discover she knows how to expertly handle these dangerous, heavy tools.And it suddenly occurs to Karen that not only has her town changed, she has no idea who she is either!
    From science fiction and horror master, F. Paul Wilson, award-winning author of the Repairman Jack and Adversary series, comes a gripping, jolt-a-page thriller that is sure to keep readers up all night...and looking over their shoulders next day.

    Availability: Amazon Kindle
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