• Bloodline

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    Description: Jack has been on hiatus since the events in Harbingers. With his lover Gia s encouragement he dips a toe back into the fix-it pool. Christy Pickering s eighteen-year-old daughter is dating Jerry Bethlehem, a man twice her age. Christy sensed something shady and sinister about him, so she hired a private investigator to look into his past. But the PI isn't returning her calls. Will Jack find out why?

    Jack learns there s a very good reason for the unreturned calls: The PI is dead, a victim of a bizarre water-torture murder. As Jack delves into Jerry Bethlehem's past he learns that the man is not who he says he is. Who - and what - he is will have a devastating effect on Jack s life and future, adding another piece to the puzzle of who he really is and why he s been drafted into this cosmic shadow war.

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