• Cold City Now Available

    The limited 1st edition of the first book of The Early Years trilogywww.gauntletpress.com
    ships the week of July 2. Check out the wraparound cover by Harry Morris: http://twitpic.com/a18owj
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    1. mores's Avatar
      mores -
      Amazon tells me it'll be delivered to my iPhone on November 28!No fair!Anyhow, preordered it ... counting the days.
      Big cudos to FPW for forcing Amazon to sell it DRM-free. Thank you for that!
    1. IanSF's Avatar
      IanSF -
      Estimated delivery 7 - 10th DECEMBER.

      Ah well! At least I'm guaranteed one Crimbo prezzie.
    1. JeffreyS's Avatar
      JeffreyS -
      I like this Jack goes to NY concept enjoyed the first one.
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