• The book tour - worth it?

    I guested on Janice Gable Bashman's blog about touring for a book. It's short and might be of interest. Check it out here
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    1. Bluesman Mike Lindner's Avatar
      Bluesman Mike Lindner -
      I guess it does get old, Paul, but that's show biz.

      An ah-deer--you're a drummer. Why not pack a couple of sticks in your luggage, and find a club with a live band in whatever burg you find yourself? I'm sure the band would be thrilled to jam with a NYT best-selling author. And you could pick up some new readers that way.

      Just let me handle the t-shirt concession.
    1. Medusa's Avatar
      Medusa -
      "The trouble is, a signing event lasts only so long. Maybe you go out for drinks or a meal with the store owner and some readers after, but often you don’t. "
      Paul, if I had thought you wouldn't have been too busy I would've taken you out to dinner. Next time I will.
    1. Alvin Fox's Avatar
      Alvin Fox -
      Here's the way it is with me. The book signings I go to, I would have bought and read the book anyway. The personalized signature is just icing on the cake. However, sometimes there will be one or two other writers at the signing promoting their book that I've never heard of. Learning about their book I may be prompted to purchase it then and see if I enjoy reading that writer as well.
    1. mad4tunes's Avatar
      mad4tunes -
      To reiterate what Medusa said: My guest room is ALWAYS ready for you when you're in town.
    1. mad4tunes's Avatar
      mad4tunes -
      My feelings are similar to those of Medusa and Alvin Fox.
    1. GlaekenBeatUpChuckNorris's Avatar
      GlaekenBeatUpChuckNorris -
      As a completely biased fan, I would have to say YES, because I've been waiting for the opportunity to get my old beat up copy of The Keep signed!
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