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    Just heard from the publisher that The Dark at the End will appear on the list October 30.
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    1. cobalt's Avatar
      cobalt -
      That's fantastic news! Congrats on doing it again!
    1. nonquixote's Avatar
      nonquixote -
      Great! Glad I could help.
    1. Brian's Avatar
      Brian -
      Congratulations, sir. Well deserved.
    1. Alvin Fox's Avatar
      Alvin Fox -
      At what number?
    1. Bluesman Mike Lindner's Avatar
      Bluesman Mike Lindner -
      Hoo-RAY!!! Didn't I tell yez? Didn't I tell yez?
    1. Carole's Avatar
      Carole -
      That's terrific--I just finished reading "the Dark at the End" --really enjoyed it and am eagerly awaiting the newly revised "Nightworld" which I understand will be published sometime next year--do we have any idea when? I'm also on my library waiting list for the young Jack secret vengeance--have read the other two. F. Paul Wilson--you rock!!
    1. GlaekenBeatUpChuckNorris's Avatar
      GlaekenBeatUpChuckNorris -
      Great! Now when can I expect to purchase an ENTIRE BOX SET of The Adversary Cycle combines with The entire repairman jack series!?!? Oh! And I completely expect that when arranged in order, the spines of the books create an eccentric piece of art, depicting Gleakens sword buried in Rasaloms skull... PLEASE!?
    1. mores's Avatar
      mores -
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