• F. Paul Wilson FAQ


  • FAQ - General Questions

    1. Who is F. Paul Wilson?

    F. Paul Wilson is the author of more than thirty books: six science fiction novels (HEALER, WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS, AN ENEMY OF THE STATE, DYDEETOWN WORLD, THE TERY, SIMS), nine horror thrillers (THE KEEP, THE TOMB, THE TOUCH, REBORN, REPRISAL, NIGHTWORLD, BLACK WIND, SIBS, MIDNIGHT MASS), three contemporary thrillers (THE SELECT, IMPLANT, DEEP AS THE MARROW) and a number of collaborations. In 1998 he resurrected his popular antihero, Repairman Jack, and has chronicled his adventures in LEGACIES, CONSPIRACIES, ALL THE RAGE, HOSTS, THE HAUNTED AIR, GATEWAYS, CRISSCROSS, HARBINGERS, BLOODLINE, BY THE SWORD, GROUND ZERO, FATAL ERROR, and THE DARK AT THE END.

    Short stories from his first 20 years as a writer are collected in SOFT & OTHERS (1989) and THE BARRENS & OTHERS (1998). He also has two more collections of short stories: AFTERSHOCK & OTHERS (2009) and the Repairman Jack-themed eBook QUICK FIXES (2010). He has edited two anthologies: FREAK SHOW (1992) and DIAGNOSIS: TERMINAL (1996).

    THE KEEP and THE TOMB both appeared on the New York Times Bestsellers List. WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS won the first Prometheus Award in 1979; THE TOMB received the 1984 Porgie Award from The West Coast Review of Books. His novelette "Aftershock" won the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for short fiction. DYDEETOWN WORLD was on the young adult recommended reading lists of the American Library Association and the New York Public Library, among others. He is listed in the 50th anniversary edition of Who's Who in America.

    2. What is F. Paul Wilson’s official Homepage?


    3. Where can I find [insert title of book]?

    The first place you should look to find F. Paul Wilson’s books is in the PUBLISHED FICTION section of this site. Each book has links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other booksellers where that title is available. If they don't have them in stock, there is almost certainly a used bookseller associated with Amazon or Barnes & Noble that does. This is a great option if you don't mind buying used, or are specifically looking for special/first editions.

    A site that a lot of the Repairman Jack Forum members favor, largely because of its name but also for its great search engine, is ABE BOOKS. You can use their search engine to find just about any of F. Paul Wilson’s books. This is a great place to look for the really hard to find titles. Another place is OVERLOOK CONNECTION.

    Ebay is always a prospect, but it may frustrate you if you are into immediate gratification since you must compete against other bidders. Also check out www.half.com, as the booksellers on here usually have a nice assortment of titles.

    There is always your hometown (or another town's) used bookstore. Last, but not least, don't forget the Repairman Jack Forum. Once in a while a kind member offers up his or her extra copies of F. Paul Wilson’s books, and usually it's free.

    In addition to his novels, F. Paul Wilson has written numerous short stories and introductions to other people's work. These short pieces are inconveniently scattered over approximately 100 different compilations/con programs/magazines/etc. to the extent that only "the man" himself and some message board regulars have any idea which, what, and where they are. If you are looking for a particular story your best bet is to check the BIBLIOGRAPHY or post your query on the Repairman Jack forum and someone "in the know" can help you out.

    Some short stories as well as many of F. Paul Wilson's novels have been recently published in Kindle/eBook format: see PUBLISHED FICTION to determine what's available.

    4. What is the hardest to find out of F. Paul Wilson's entire catalog?

    When asked, Paul responded with:

    "The ultimate rarity is the special binding of THE TOUCH done by the president of Hodder & Stoughton in the UK. (I'm told he loved the novel) and given to the officers of the company as a Christmas gift. (He didn't forget me, thankfully.) It's a truly wonderful example of quality design and binding. Probably fewer than 20 copies exist."

    There is also something called ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies) of a lot of F. Paul Wilson’s work. These are usually very limited in number and are quite rare.

    5. Who publishes limited/lettered editions of F. Paul Wilson’s books?

    Gauntlet Press prints special editions of the Repairman Jack books as well as some chapbooks.

    Cemetery Dance Publications published THE CHRISTMAS THINGY, MIDNIGHT MASS, and the series SIMS, as well as compilations and back issues of their magazine with stories by F. Paul Wilson.

    Overlook Connection Press has published THE TERY in its first hardcover edition as well as a hardcover edition of THE LAST RAKOSH.

    Borderlands Press has published the limited editions of the Adversary Cycle, THE LITTLE BEIGE BOOK OF NONDESCRIPT STORIES, VIRGIN, and BLACK WIND, and an audio/chapbook of SEX SLAVES OF THE DRAGON TONG.

    6. Have there been any graphic adaptations of F. Paul Wilson’s work?

    There is a graphic adaptation of "Pelts" (in THE BARRENS AND OTHERS) in Gauntlet Magazine #3.

    There is a graphic story called "Trolling" in the book Weird Business. "Trolling" is a prequel to "Faces" (in THE BARRENS AND OTHERS).

    Two of the earliest stories F. Paul Wilson had published were two comic scripts: "The Sound of Wings" (Eerie #34) and "With Silver Bells and Cockle Shells..." (Creepy #44).

    IDW Publishing published in 2006 an adaptation of THE KEEP which was written by F. Paul Wilson and was illustrated by Matthew D. Smith. A graphic novel combining the five scripts has also been released.

    IDW Publishing has also adapted two short stories based on F. Paul Wilson's work:"Cuts," "Slasher," "Pelts" and "Faces". These can be found in DOOMED issues 1-4.

    7. Does F. Paul Wilson have any pseudonyms?

    Yes. F. Paul Wilson has been published in the UK under the pseudonym "Colin Andrews." He chose this name so that British people would be able to see his books without standing on their heads to see the bottom shelf (where the "W" authors generally are filed).

    Also, he once wrote a novel with his wife called VIRGIN. This was published under his wife’s maiden name, Mary Elizabeth Murphy, but F. Paul Wilson did about 90% of the writing. This novel has since been reissued by Borderlands Press under the author’s name.

    8. Are there any fan websites out there?

    Only one that we know of: Kade Cole's old web page. It hasn't been updated since 1997, but was once the official home of F. Paul Wilson on the web.

  • FAQ - The Adversary Cycle

    1. What books are in the Adversary Cycle?

    The Adversary Cycle (originally known as "The Nightworld Cycle" -- this name is printed in the front of some early editions of NIGHTWORLD) consists of the following novels, which should be read in the order listed for maximum appreciation of the plotline:


    F. Paul has this to say about reading The Adversary Cycle:

    "In 1987, after finishing BLACK WIND, I started on REBORN. I'd outlined it years before but it didn't gel. I wanted it to look like a ROSEMARY'S BABY or an OMEN but actually be something different (just as THE KEEP looks like a vampire novel for a while, but it's not). I wanted to use an evil entity other than the tired old Antichrist, but who? Then I realized I already had that entity in Rasalom. I needed a suburban setting convenient to Manhattan, and realized I already had one in Monroe where THE TOUCH took place. I became intrigued by the challenge of tying those novels, and THE TOMB as well, into Rasalom's reincarnation, bringing the books full circle.

    Things grew from there. The result was an outline for a 1,000-plus-page novel. Nobody was going to publish that, so I broke it down into a trilogy and sold it that way. But it remains a single novel-a roman fleuve, if you will."

    Take note that these six books make up the "core" of The Adversary Cycle but many more novels and short stories tie into the series. These are part of the Secret History of the World.

    As for reading NIGHTWORLD before the RJ Saga is complete, F. Paul had this to say:

    "My advice... hold off on NIGHTWORLD. Reading the revision might cause undue anxiety as you run through the last RJ books. But if you must, be sure to read HARBINGERS first."

    A description of how each of these books ties into each other is planned to be part of a forthcoming companion book "The F. Paul Wilson Compendium".

    2. What is "Demonsong" and where can I get a copy?

    "Demonsong" is a short story that introduces the characters Glaeken and Rasalom. It takes place (way) before the keep. You can view a timeline in our SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD section.

    To find a copy of the story in the anthology in which it was originally published, go to Abe Books. In the AUTHOR field type in "Page, Gerald" and in the TITLE field type in "Heroic Fantasy". It should bring up a whole slew of copies to choose from.

    Gauntlet Press printed a limited number of "Demonsong" chapbooks. You can visit their website and see if any copies are left (doubtful).

    "Demonsong" is also available as an eBook -- check the PUBLISHED FICTION page for details.

    3. Will we see any sequels to NIGHTWORLD/The Adversary Cycle?

    F. Paul Wilson has given us a repeated and pretty definite "NO" to this question over the years.

    On April 19th, 2000, F. Paul had this to say:

    "I rarely say Never. I know I'll never do a sequel to NIGHTWORLD."

    4. Will we see any prequels to THE KEEP/Adversary Cycle?

    This is something F. Paul Wilson has mentioned as a tentative possibility. Keep in mind he still has to finish the Repairman Jack books before he will even think about a prequel to THE KEEP, and he’s sure to have other projects in mind as well.

    F. Paul Wilson had this to say about the possibility and the tone of a prequel on July 16th, 2002:

    "Let me make this solemn promise: If "The Keep" film is remade, I will definitely write a prequel. The prequel will demand a higher tone certainly than the RJ novels, but something looser than "Demonsong." I may have to go back and read the Robert Jordan "Conan" novels (which I remember as being pretty good) to get myself in gear."

    This is from an interview (www.mysteryinkonline.com/interviewfpwilson.htm) in October 2001:

    MI: For the folks on the Repairman Jack message board: Any plans to write a prequel to your book "The Keep"?

    FPW: I have a vague outline in my head that will start with "Demonsong" and pick up where that left off, but I don't know when I'll get to it. It will be a small press kind of thing, I imagine - very sword and sorcery-ish. If I live long enough, I'll write it.

    5. Is the Adversary Cycle going to be reprinted?

    The Adversary Cycle was reprinted as a deluxe boxed set of limited edition hardcovers. You can find it here: http://www.borderlandspress.com/adversary.html

    These books were revised (some minor changes, some semi-major) from their original editions.

    Some of the Adversary Cycle novels are also available in Kindle/eBook format. See the PUBLISHED FICTION page.

  • FAQ - Repairman Jack

    1. What are all the Repairman Jack books?

    The Repairman Jack books so far (in order they were published and in the order they should be read):


    Jack also makes an appearance in NIGHTWORLD, but that is not a Repairman Jack book per se.

    There are a handful of other stories that involve Repairman Jack. These are:

    * A Day in the Life is available in the anthology THE BARRENS & OTHERS
    * The Last Rakosh was incorporated into the novel ALL THE RAGE
    * "Home Repairs" was incorporated into the novel CONSPIRACIES
    * "The Long Way Home", "The Wringer", "Incident at Duane's", "Do-Gooder", and "Piney Power" can be found in QUICK FIXES

    2. Why are there three different versions of The Tomb?

    There is the "pre-1998" version and the "revised" novel that Tor/Forge reprinted in 1998.

    Also, Borderlands Press released a limited edition of the revised version of THE TOMB under the authors preferred title: RAKOSHI.

    Here is what F. Paul had to say about the reason for the revision:

    "Some of you who read pre-1998 editions of THE TOMB have questioned (and rightfully so) how LEGACIES, so obviously a contemporary novel, could take place only months after THE TOMB, which was definitely set in the mid 1980s. The answer is simple: I cheated. I changed THE TOMB for the new 1998 edition.

    You see, I never planned to bring Jack back. But when I did, I realized I’d either have to set his new stories in the eighties, or go back and change THE TOMB. I chose the latter and removed all references that would moor THE TOMB in a specific era. The 1998 edition is now what we authors like to call "the preferred text."

    All the new Repairman Jack novels loop out from THE TOMB and will weave their way back toward NIGHTWORLD."

    3. Why is it called THE TOMB when there is no "Tomb"?

    As for why the book was titled THE TOMB in the first place, the story goes that after reaching a fairly high level of success with THE KEEP, F. Paul Wilson’s publisher decided that to continue the trend of good tidings the next novel should keep with the same sort of title to give it name recognition.

    The working title for the book was RAKOSHI. They didn't like the sound of Rakoshi and came up with THE TOMB instead even though the story didn't feature a "tomb". The publisher was convinced it would sell as well as THE KEEP because the titles were so similar.

    4. Why is the Jack in Nightworld ignorant of things he should know about from his adventures in the Repairman Jack books?

    At the time F. Paul Wilson was finishing up The Adversary Cycle, he did not know he was going to write a whole new series of Jack books. A few years after NIGHTWORLD was published, F. Paul Wilson decided to write more Jack. However, considering the apocalyptic nature of NIGHTWORLD, he could hardly set his new Jack books after that novel.

    Therefore he decided instead to set the books in the time between THE TOMB (the first Jack book) and NIGHTWORLD.

    This gets very sticky because F. Paul Wilson threw in quite a few pop culture references and definite dates into The Adversary Cycle (which ends in the early 90’s), yet has set the Jack books in our current time. Thus, many gentle readers are confused mightily when Jack doesn't know things he should in NIGHTWORLD. This problem has been somewhat mitigated by the revised version of THE TOMB (Tor/Forge, 1998), in which pop culture references were updated. When F. Paul Wilson is done with the latest round of Jack books, he plans to go back and revise NIGHTWORLD so that it meshes better with the current state of Jack's knowledge and adventures. Currently this revised version of NIGHTWORLD is available from Borderlands Press.

    5. Why is Jake Nacht from NIGHTKILL so similar to Jack?

    In 1997 F. Paul Wilson and Steven Spruill (going by the name Steve Lyon) teamed up to write the novel NIGHTKILL. The main character, Jake Nacht, has a lot of characteristics that are similar to F. Paul Wilson’s other character, Repairman Jack.

    The reason for this, in F. Paul Wilson’s words:

    "Jack's return wasn't on the radar when we created Jake. He does have common traits with RJ, too many to allow them to co-exist. So Jake's in indefinite suspended animation (unless he runs into Jack sometime)."

    6. What is the timeline and chronology of the RJ and AC Books?

    The preponderance of my work deals with a history of the world that remains undiscovered, unexplored, and unknown to most of humanity. Some of this secret history has been revealed in the Adversary Cycle, some in the Repairman Jack novels, and bits and pieces in other, seemingly unconnected works. Taken together, even these millions of words barely scratch the surface of what has been going on behind the scenes, hidden from the workaday world. I've listed them below in chronological order. (NB: "Year Zero" is the end of civilization as we know it; "Year Zero Minus One is the year preceding it, etc.) You can also see this timeline on The Secret History of the World page.


    "Demonsong" (prehistory) (free download)
    "Aryans and Absinthe" (1923-1924)**
    BLACK WIND (1926-1945)
    THE KEEP (1941)
    REBORN (Feb-Mar 1968)
    "Dat Tay Vao" (Mar 1968)+
    JACK: Secret Histories (1983)
    JACK: Secret Circles (1983)
    JACK: Secret Vengeance (1983)
    "Faces" (1989)*


    SIBS (February)
    THE TOMB (summer)
    "The Barrens" (ends in September)*
    "A Day in the Life" (October)*
    "The Long Way Home" ++
    LEGACIES (December)


    CONSPIRACIES (April) (includes "Home Repairs")
    "Interlude at Duane's" (April)**
    ALL THE RAGE (May) (includes "The Last Rakosh")
    HOSTS (June)
    THE HAUNTED AIR (August)
    GATEWAYS (September)
    CRISSCROSS (November)
    INFERNAL (December)


    HARBINGERS (January)
    BLOODLINE (April)
    BY THE SWORD (May)
    GROUND ZERO (July)
    THE TOUCH (ends in August)
    The Peabody-Ozymandias Traveling Circus & Oddity Emporium (ends in September)


    REPRISAL (ends in February) (reprint scheduled for 12/6/11)
    FATAL ERROR (February) (includes "The Wringer" - October 2010)
    THE DARK AT THE END (March) (the last Repairman Jack novel) (to be published 10/11/11)
    NIGHTWORLD (starts in May) (revision scheduled for 2012)

    * included in The Barrens & Others
    ** included in Aftershock & Others
    + included in the 2009 reissue of The Touch
    ++ included in Quick Fixes

    7. What is the Young Jack series?

    This is a series that follows Jack in his young teen years. The titles are:


    8. I’ve read through every Repairman Jack book there is and I still crave this type of fiction. Any suggestions?

    You might try reading just about anything else by F. Paul Wilson. It’s all good. Trust us. Oh? You’ve already read everything? Okay, then here are some of the series/authors that RJ Forum members and F. Paul Wilson have recommended in the past:

    * "Burke" Novels – Andrew Vachss
    * "Hap and Leonard" Novels – Joe R. Lansdale
    * "Bob Lee Swagger" Novels – Stephen Hunter
    * "Jack Reacher" Novels – Lee Child
    * "Agent Pendergast" Novels – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
    * "Joe Kurtz" Novels – Dan Simmons
    * "Kenzie/Gennaro" Novels – Dennis Lehane
    * "Cole/Pike" Novels – Robert Crais
    * "John Rain" Novels – Barry Eisler

    9. Is there a Repairman Jack fan club? And is Stephen King really the president?

    The closest thing to an "official" fan club would be the Grand Unification (GU), an occasional meetup that consists of friends from the Repairman Jack Forum. Started in 2001 as a means for the people on the board to meet in person, the GU has met about seven times since. The gathering usually happens for three or four days over a long weekend and F. Paul Wilson joins the group for at least one of those days.

    As for Stephen King the short answer is "no". The reason this question comes up every so often on the forum is because King wrote a blurb for the Forge edition of Conspiracies. The blurb states:

    "THE TOMB is one of the best all-out adventure stories I’ve read in years."
    Stephen King (President of the Repairman Jack fan club)

    This was nothing more than a jest on King’s part.

  • FAQ - The LaNague Chronicles

    1. What are the LaNague books?

    These are F. Paul Wilson’s earliest novels and are science fiction. The five main novels are:

    * THE TERY
    * HEALER

    There are also other novels and short stories that tie into the LaNague universe. For more information on the LaNague books and other F. Paul Wilson scifi, please see the PUBLISHED FICTION page.

    2. In what order should all of the LaNague stuff be read?

    At the beginning of the paperback that combines the three main novels into one volume titled THE LANAGUE CHRONICLES (BAEN, 1992), F. Paul Wilson was kind enough to include a chronology of all of his writings in the LaNague universe:

    * "Lipidleggin'"
    * THE TERY
    * Healer I
    * "To Fill The Sea and Air"
    * Healer II
    * "The Man With The Anteaters"
    * Healer III
    * "Higher Centers"
    * "Ratman"
    * Healer IV
    * Healer V

    Okay, this may seem a bit confusing. The different parts to HEALER are all in the same book, called HEALER. There are not five healer books, but five sections in one novel that span a great deal of time in the LaNague universe. Some of the short stories you can find in the SOFT AND OTHERS short story collection. The Stealth Press release of HEALER contains "To Fill the Sea and Air" and AN ENEMY OF THE STATE contains "Lipidleggin'" and "Ratman". For everything else, check the BIBLIOGRAPHY or PUBLISHED FICTION pages.

    The LaNague writings do not have to be read in the order stated above to be fully understood. This is just in case you want to read them to maximize the effect and follow the story as it progresses chronologically.

    The novel DNA WARS (a.k.a. MASQUE), co-written with Matthew Costello, is also part of the LaNague universe. F. Paul Wilson mentioned that it was never really decided where it would fit in. DYDEETOWN WORLD is much the same; there isn't a definite place that it lands in the chronology, so it was just thrown in where it felt right.

    3. Do the LaNague books have any connection back to the rest of his fiction/the AC?

    F. Paul Wilson had this to say:

    "A verrrrrrry tenuous connection. Gurney from "Lipidleggin' " is a distant ancestor of Peter LaNague (alluded to in AN ENEMY OF THE STATE). Gurney is also Jack's uncle on his mother's side. I'd planned to mention this in HOSTS but I think I forgot. (I'll work it in somewhere in the future, maybe have Jack's father say, "You're as stubborn as your damn Uncle Gurney!" or something like that)."

    Also, F. Paul Wilson has never stated where DNA WARS sits in the LaNague universe, but it’s pretty obvious that it is out there somewhere. Yoshio (in Legacies) works for the Kaze group. In DNA WARS the organization seems to still exist, in a very big way (Kaze Glom).

  • FAQ - Movies, Television, Multimedia, and Plays

    1. Are there any movies based on F. Paul Wilson’s work?

    There have been four movies released:

    * "The Keep"
    * "Midnight Mass"
    * "Others" (includes short films on FPW's stories: Foet, Traps, and Lipidleggin')
    * "Pelts"

    In addition, Paul keeps renewing options on other books of his to different studios. There’s no telling when a book might get picked up to be made into a film. A movie based on the novel THE TOMB and featuring Repairman Jack has been in the works for many years. Currently the film is mired in "development hell" with no filming or release date set.

    "The Keep"

    The Keep was released in 1983. It was written/directed by Michael Mann and starring the likes of Ian McKellen, Gabriel Byrne, and Scott Glenn. The general consensus is that Mann failed to fully capture the essence of the source material. There are some fans of the film out there, and a lot of Tangerine Dream fans who love its soundtrack.

    What does F. Paul Wilson think of the movie version of The Keep? He dislikes it. Actually, "dislike" may be too mild a word, although his feelings towards the Michael Mann made film have mellowed ever so slightly over the years. Here was his response to what he thought of the film in 1992:


    Here is what he had to say in 2001 (in reference to a Keep DVD release):

    "Let Mann do a director's commentary, and I'll do an author's commentary, pointing out what he should have done here and here . . . and there and there . . . and here and here . . ."

    In March 2004, F. Paul Wilson, Douglas Winter and David Schow got together to do exactly that. "The Keep Chronicle (or, Dude, Where's My Book?)" was completed in one take.

    There is a great parody of The Keep at: http://www.ghosts.org/rj/keep.html For an excellent resource on the movie, check out Stephane Piter’s site: http://www.the-keep.ath.cx

    It contains everything you could ever want to know about the movie, including scenes that were deleted; board and role-playing game tie-ins; interviews with cast and crew (plus F. Paul Wilson!), and a whole lot more.

    "Midnight Mass"

    F. Paul Wilson’s MIDNIGHT MASS novel was turned into a film by director Tony Mandile, with writing credits going to Mandile and F. Paul Wilson. It was released direct-to-video through Lions Gate July 8, 2003. F. Paul Wilson did a "10-minute or so interview for the extras" on the DVD.

    The credits on the IMDB page show F. Paul Wilson as playing a character named Noah Randall. This is what he had to say about that:

    "It's in the opening sequence -- a brilliant series of slam cuts that give the background of the vampires' takeover in a minute or two (this is not selfcongratulation; Tony wrote that part). I'm some sort of scientist arguing with a reporter and debunking all the bogus explanations of the strange events in Europe. And I ain't bad. (A helluva lot better than I was as Dr. F. Paulson, xenobiologist, on FTL.)"


    "Over the years I've let young filmmakers adapt some of my stories into short films. I don't charge them for the rights and they're not allowed to use the films for commercial purposes. Think of them more as calling cards they can show at festivals to demonstrate their talents. I agreed to let three of them collect their films on a single DVD and make a few bucks."

    The 3 shorts in Others:

    * "Foet" (12 min.) Pro Lifer Denise falls in love with Manhattan’s latest fashion trend: handbags made out of fetal skin.
    * "Traps" (18 min.) Hank begins a game of cat and mouse when his attic is overrun with what he believes to be mice.
    * "Lipidleggin’" (9 min.) In a near future where government controls what we eat, one man makes a stand for freedom of choice. The nice profit is a bonus.

    "Repairman Jack"

    This movie will be based on the novel THE TOMB. The film is still in development hell with no planned filming or release date.

    2. Are there any F. Paul Wilson penned Television shows?

    "Glim-Glim" (published in The Barrens and Others) is an original 30-minute teleplay that was used for the syndicated television series "Monsters". It first aired February 4th, 1989 during the first season of the show. The Sci-Fi channel later picked up this show and broadcast it on a daily basis, but it has since gone off the air.

    "Menage a Trois" (published in Soft and Others) was optioned and adapted for the show "The Hunger" which aired on Showtime in 1994. The show was later released to VHS and DVD. You can find it in the title "The Hunger: Wicked Dreams", which you might be able to find for rent at your local video store. It’s also still available for purchase through most online retailers.

    "Pelts" (published in Soft and Others) was shown on Showtime as part of their Masters of Horror series in 2006. "Pelts" was directed by Dario Argento and was adapted by Matt Venne. It has since been released on DVD.

    F. Paul Wilson stated in March 2006:

    "I just read the Argento-ized script. Most the events from the story are there, but a load of sex has been added, the tone darkened, and all the characters have become sleazeballs. Not that my characters were in any way virtuous, but superficially they were regular people who happened to be involved in a heinous industry. The end has been changed, destroying the symmetry and thus the point of the story. The rewrite is much more typical of MoH fare."

    F. Paul was able to visit the set and documented it in two posts to the message board.

    * Part 1: http://www.repairmanjack.com/forum/s...ighlight=Pelts
    * Part 2: http://www.repairmanjack.com/forum/s...ighlight=Pelts

    Also, from F. Paul Wilson’s Bibliography:

    FTL Newsfeed (with Matt Costello)
    bible & story arcs: 1992-94 for the Sci-Fi Channel cable network
    (work began 8/92; first aired 9/24/92)

    FTL Newsfeed (with Matt Costello)
    story and script: 9/26/94 to 12/23/96
    daily one-minute interstitial bits for the Sci-Fi Channel cable network

    3. How about multimedia/games?

    Paul teamed up with Matthew Costello for some Interactive titles which are listed under "Interactive" in the BIBLIOGRAPHY.

    4. Are there any plays written or based on work by F. Paul Wilson?

    Yes, there have been two plays: "Syzygy" and "Pelts". F. Paul Wilson also mentioned this one:

    Well...just for the hell of it I did a musical comedy called =Wordplay!= with a local musician. Couldn't give it away.


    "Syzygy" was written by F. Paul Wilson and Matthew Costello. The St. Augustine Community Theater at the Ponce De Leon Mall in St. Augustine, Florida first performed it back in March of 2000. Paul had this to say March 9, 2003:

    "A syzygy is an alignment of planets. =Syzygy= the play started out as an episodic show Matt Costello and I were developing for MSN's entertainment channel. That went belly up so we turned it into a stage play. It was mostly an excuse for us to write the kind of play we'd love to see--sort of like James Whale's =The Old Dark House=. It's a lighthearted horror story involving a fresh twist on a host of cliches: a lockedroom murder (always wanted to do one of those), a mysterious scientific breakthough, strange lights in the sky, bottomless holes in the earth (love those bottomless holes), aliens, a weirdo gardener, a tipsy dipsy maid, etc. Hardly anyone in the play turns out to be who they seem to be. Lots of fun to write and the audiences in St. Augustine seemed to love it."


    There have been multiple versions of this story. It is a novelette, a stage play, and it was turned into a graphic story based on the stage play. Both the story and stage play are available in the anthology The Barrens and Others. It was commissioned for an Off- Broadway production in 1991, but was later canceled. So far no performances of this story have ever taken place.

  • FAQ - Errata

    In the Dark Harvest and NEL Hardcover editions of REPRISAL a mysterious paragraph appears on page 322. It begins, "Glaeken liked Jack…"

    F. Paul Wilson explains:

    "I was already at work on NIGHTWORLD when I submitted the REPRISAL disk to Dark Harvest. My hard drive was playing tricks, swapping data between files. Somehow a piece of NIGHTWORLD got into REPRISAL. This was repeated in the UK hardcover (they did photo offset of the Dark Harvest edition) but corrected in the paperbacks."

    Errata correction page:

    REPRISAL - Page 322: correction of the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs:

    "The morning sun was unreasonably bright, glaring in her eyes as she drove. Traffic was Saturday-morning light but she stayed to the right, not trusting her exhausted reflexes at the higher speeds. The sun had disappeared behind a low hanging sheet of cloud by the time she reached Pendleton. The town was coming to life then but the Parkview complex was still quiet. She pulled up to Rafe's condo and didn't hesitate. She went straight to his front door and pounded on its glossy metal surface. Silence inside. She pulled out her key and unlocked the door.

    "Rafe?" She stepped inside. "Rafe?" She stopped on the threshold of the living room and stared in shock."
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